Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Nasty Boys

Two important! observations from my all-too hectic day of watching ESPN:

On that terrible, terrible show, Around The Horn, the topic was: "Is Liriano now the favorite for the Cy Young?"
Two of the retards said yes and the other two retards said that it's still Halladay because he pitched all year and Liriano started in the 'pen.
That stool sample Woody Paige qualified, "and Halladay plays for a lesser team. Also, I'm an idiot." [value added]

Thankfully, they resisted the endemic urge to use the words "nasty" or "filthy" in describing Liriano's "stuff."

On the record, Halladay has only one more win than Liriano and more than one-run-per in just over 30 more innings pitched.
Retards. I hate that show.

On the great show, PTI, Dan Le Betard posed the question to Michael Wilbon: "Is Liriano, with 11 wins and sub-two ERA, the favorite for AL Cy Young?"

Wilbon said, "I'm still taking Santana [who'll have] a hot August and September."

Earlier and appropos of nothing, Wilbon even referred to "Stat-boy" Tony Reali, host of said terrible, terrible show as Francisco Liriano Reali.

I love Wilbon.
And Le Betard is not to be confused with Les Retards.


Blogger Moxy Jane said...

I have got to learn greek...cuz I'm just not following.

At all.

Cuz. I'm such a lozer. Lozenge. I'm a lozenge loser.

But I'll blame it on the radio...and DreamWeaver.

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